They say that this land once bristled with life: rolling grasslands, sprawling forests and vast oceans. All of these lands were under the dominion of the Humans, Elves, Dwarves and other folk. It is rumoured that a great war swept over the land that threatened to extinguish all life. The war was eventually ended but the cost of life, to the land and to the people, was great. It is said that the land grew weary of its creations and was not willing to take another chance on them. Rather than renew its lush grasslands and plentiful oceans, the land grew dry and arid. Seas dried up and trees withered away; the entire world was covered by a vast desert.

What of the land, you ask? Many people have their theories. Some say that it has abandoned us. Me, I like to think that its waiting; waiting for us to show it that we can value life again.

- Prophitus the Elder