Amun Gali'on

In the event of Dorn's Demise or Plot twist


Sorcerer (Storm Origin).
Nor’Lak’Tor Freeman
Chaos Good?
Domain followings Tempest

Background: Mage Slave

Once Part of the NLT crew with his younger Brother Dorn he was the Bond for the Crew vessel. Was the first mate.
Was sold off into slavery by is Brothers Hand.
Tried to keep the bond going but eventually was beaten into submission after he failed to attend to his “duties” (Trick of hand with Sorcery points and deception) (this was also when Dorn became stranded in the sand worm Territory)
Before the Night of Long Knives he felt the change in the wind and knew something was coming. But not what… he warned his follow slave and friend Longstrider and when event unfolded he helped Longstrider escape.

Something happened after his escape? or maybe he didn’t

He longs to return to the deep desert and sail upon the dunes again. But like the wind his direction is never certain. And another goal is to find the Tempest Enoch

Personality, lives by the winds and storms of the deep desert, having patience in any situations . Knowing full well there is a time for vengeance and power.


Amun Gali'on

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