Burlon Stone

An ex-slave who worked his way up through the gladiatorial pits


Burlon is a Dwarf in his early 250s. He has auburn hair which is starting to show hints of gray. He is strong and powerful, and his advanced years have not lessened his temper. He carries a metal greataxe and wears sturdy travelling clothes.


At a young age Burlon witnessed the slaughter of his family and was sold into slavery. Originally destined to be sent to the mines in Kardakeep, his ferocity and fighting spirit made the slavers reconsider. Instead, they sold him to the gladiatorial pits in Farrain. It was here that Burlon made a name for himself as Burlon the Beserker and his signature weapon was a flint greataxe which he had made himself. For a century, spectators flocked to the arena to see Burlon cut down his opponents with savage efficiency. Burlon was so successful that eventually he was able to buy his own freedom. Using most of his remaining money, Burlon then established The Companions of Burlon adventuring and mercenary company which operates out of his tavern in Farrain, The Beserker’s Flagon. Ever since then Burlon has been on the look out for promising young talent. Many of these come from the slave camps, gladiatorial pits and jails of Farrain but a number are people that Burlon heard of and sought out.

Connections to the PCs

Jayley Leafenwind: Burlon was a close friend of Jayley’s father, having met him on a treasure hunting expedition in which he saved Burlon’s life. Since then, the two of them shared many adventures together before the elder Leafenwind’s disappearance. Burlon, often called ‘Uncle Burlon’, would become an influential father figure in Jayley’s life and would help her to become an adventurer.

Blazescale Dothran: Burlon had followed the young Dragonborn’s career in the city guard for some time, deciding that he was one of the few officers of worth. During the Night of the Long Knives, Burlon saved the lives of Dothran and his men when they were cornered by hired blades. Slaying them singlehandedly, Burlon directed Dothran and his squad to a place of shelter. When Dothran decided to retire from the watch, Burlon happily offered him a job.

Dorn Gali-on: During a desert expedition, Dorn became ship wrecked in the middle of Sandworm territory with only two other expedition members: Jayley Leafenwind and Ricoh. Nervous of his adopted niece’s first big adventure into the deserts, Burlon had been following the expedition in order to keep an eye on them. When the trio were attacked by one of the colossal Sandworms, Burlon came to their defense, furiously cutting down the beast. Impressed by Dorn’s gall, he offered the human a paying job.

Malgar ‘Longstider’ Orikanu: A slave in service to the Ottalander house during the Night of the Long Knives, Malgar fought bravely and furiously against the attacking forces. While Burlon did not meet Malgar during the night, he had heard about him from Torrund and had sent Ricoh to watch his back and bring him safely to The Beserker’s Flagon. After the event, Burlon bought out Malgar’s contract and freed him, offering him a position in his company.

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Burlon Stone

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