Murad Hsadt

Slave-turned-noble with a sentient fiendish bone scythe


Formerly Murad Alahmiran (‘of Ahmiran’), until he got a knighthood and his own noble house in Farrain.


  • Height: 6’ 3”
  • Weight: 240lbs.
  • Hair: bald
  • Eyes: carmine/brown, with a glamour
  • Skin: dark
  • Beard: a goatee, which regrows the next day if shaved off (likely due to having a pact with a fiend)

Murad was born the son of a city guard in Ahmiran, and lived there for fourteen years before a plague swept through the city, taking both of his parents and then, after they’d died, afflicting his sister Alia. Lacking anywhere near the appropriate funds to pay for treatment in the plague-swept city, Murad sold himself into slavery that his sister might have a chance at life. He has not been back to Ahmiran since then, and his letters have not been answered – whether because the couriers were taken in the desert, or Alia lives elsewhere, or because she is dead, Murad does not know.

For the next ten years Murad was attached to a trading caravan, travelling around Delmaria. He primarily worked as a smith, making and repairing gear, after being trained by another slave. His master was even-tempered as slave owners went, but would occasionally fly into a rage when drunk. On one such occasion he whipped Murad so severely that Murad suffered minor nerve damage as a result, losing some mobility in his limbs.

Murad’s master was based in Farrain, and would ultimately come back there to negotiate trade deals. On one such occasion, with Murad in attendance, his master met with one Burlon Stone, a local treasure hunter, to discuss the acquisition of certain relics. The wine and ale flowed freely well into the night as they negotiated, when suddenly an assassin (later determined to be from a rival merchant consortium) burst in and stabbed Murad’s master to death. He then went for Burlon, who was a bit unsteady after a hard night’s drinking, but Murad intervened, disarming and restraining him until the watch showed up.

The watchman, Lieutenant Blazescale Dothran, offhandedly remarked that it would be useful to have someone like Murad on the force but that it was a shame he was a slave. At this, Burlon intervened; as thanks for saving him from the assassin, or at least from preventing Burlon having to spill his drink in subduing same, Burlon offered to buy Murad’s contract from his master’s parent company, thus freeing him. Murad accepted, and promptly joined the watch. Murad worked for the Farrain City Watch for six years, advancing to the rank of Sergeant under Lieutenant Blazescale. While there he also met Torrun Donnerhahn, a healing specialist and the black sheep of his house.

During the Night of Long Knives, many watch complements were attacked by raiders and brigands, and Murad’s unit was no different; starting the night on the wall, they abruptly had to repel some Freefolk raiders who had snuck up to its base. Among them was a huge orc with glowing red eyes, swinging a bone scythe; his blade claimed many watch lives before Murad finally slew him. As Murad’s glaive had broken during the skirmish, he picked up the scythe, and as he did so a voice whispered in his mind. It said that its name was Skorr, and it could give Murad power if Murad would only find out more about it. Murad had been a slave for ten years, as a result of a his inability to care for his loved ones – he knew what it was to be powerless, and with only a moment’s hesitation, he accepted the entity’s pact.

As the Night continued and more brigands fell to Murad’s new scythe, he found himself growing in power – each death seemed to invigorate him, as though the scythe were consuming and metabolising their souls for Murad’s benefit. Pausing to glance in a ruined shopfront window at one point, Murad found that he could see very clearly despite the darkness, and that his eyes had turned red – a fairly telling sign of being a magic user. Indeed, he found himself at various points whispering unfamiliar incantations that turned the blades of his foes, and cursing them with eldritch power. When Dothrak proposed to leave the watch for Burlon’s employ, Murad went with him – both out of respect for him, Torrun and Burlon; and, for Murad’s own self-preservation…

During one of Burlon’s earlier jobs, Skorr managed to draw Murad’s attention to a clue as to his origins – a shard of obsidian, that always feels warm to the touch.

Following the events of the Red Scale Betrayal and the purge, Murad was elevated to nobility, becoming the head of the new House Hsadt. Over the two years following this elevation, he rebuilt the Farrain City Watch from the ground up, drawing on the expertise of the retired Old Guard for leadership and the administrative skills of the Farrain City Watch Historical Society to run things behind the scenes. He also sent agents to Ahmiran to look for his sister, Alia, who he’d last seen being tended to by the doctors he sold himself into slavery to pay for.

Murad Hsadt

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