A city that was part of a much larger empire, Farrain is a shadow of its former self. Despite the years, Farrain has managed to survive by clinging onto the ideals of the old empire. The buildings inside the city have been torn down and rebuilt over the many years. In some cases the new foundation has simply been built over the old building. Thus old streets become sewers and old homes become ruins. For the beginning treasure hunter, travelling into the under city ruins of Farrain can be a lucrative venture.


The city of Farrain is ruled by its dynastic noble families, the greatest of whom can trace their lineage back to the old Empire. Among the nobles there are seven greater houses to which all others swear fealty. These houses are strictly divided into racial groups and inter-racial marriages are forbidden. Out of these seven greater houses, one member is elected to serve as the Grand Vizier of Farrain. The Grand Vizier is the head of state and unopposed ruler of Farrain. The Vizier does, however, have to keep the peace with the other houses whose military forces they rely on. Until recently, there were eight Greater Houses. The Eighth house, from whom the last Grand Vizier hailed from, was purged from existence by the combined might of six of the other houses during the Night of the Long Knives (House Donnerhahn refused to participate). Farrain is currently in a power vacuum as the Noble Houses prepare for the next election.

Greater Houses of Farrain

  1. House Donnerhahn
  2. House Fisk

Lesser Houses of Farrain
House Hsadt
House Bluskul
House Summers
House Swiftspear
House Gildenscale
House Illmater
House Glaw

Fallen Houses

  1. -House Whitefeather
  2. House Perrin


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