The Gods don’t live here anymore.

There are currently no ‘Gods’ in existence as most people would know them. Instead, divine casters draw their powers from their domain; the abstract concepts of War, Life, Death, Knowledge, The Tempest, Nature, Light and Trickery. Clerics, Priests and Paladins throughout Delmaria may assign different faces to these domains or worship them in their abstract form. For example, many Dwarves across Delmaria worship Grimnir, the God of War or Alestein, the God of Life. Similarly, the majority of people in Farrain worship the ‘Old Gods’ which are bastardizations of the pantheon of the former Empire, such as: Odin-Ra, Thorus and Anades.

Players should feel a level of freedom when choosing or creating the god that they worship. The gods are functionally an aesthetic choice and all real power comes from the Domains.

The Exarchs

The closest thing to the ‘traditional’ Gods of old are the supreme beings known as the Exarchs. There are only 8 Exarchs and each is considered to be the greatest embodiment of their domain. The Exarchs transcend the petty squabbles of mortals and only pursue the work of their Domain. Thus, the Exarch of War can be found wherever a great battle is occurring, the Exarch of Life travels wherever there is great sickness and the Exarch of Trickery goes wherever great mischief can be made. It is known that the Exarchs can die and are replaced by their killer. No one in living memory has ever experienced this, but it is rumoured that the death of an Exarch is a truly destructive thing: supposedly the Tonkashiri Badlands were the result of the death of the last Exarch of War.


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