House Gali'on

Argentum et aurum non est thesaurus omnium
Not all treasure is Silver and Gold

House Details
Head of house:: Dorn Gali’on (The Deserteer)

Cabin boy:: Seth Hawkins, Level 5 Rogue

Elite Crew Leader:: NAME, Level 5 fighter
Elite Crew:: 5 * level 4 fighters

Regular Crew Leader:: NAME, Non combatant
Regular Crew:: 9 X Non combatant

Funded by Nobility

The Warehouse (Dorn’s Manor)
- Where Goods from the General store, can be stored along with “The Gali’on”
- Staffed by the Regular Crew.. for now
- Can inquire for Dune Guides, to help them along their travels across the dune seas
(Depending on Claim Dorn and/or his elites may accompany the party)

The Gali’on (Dorn’s Actual Manor)
- The Outrigger Class, Nor-Lak-tor ship
- Crew 10 – 20
- Passengers 20
- Cargo – 100 tonnes

Sanded Goods and Trade (General Store) [5000 gp invested]
- Provides trusted and reliable General goods to sell to Dune traders and adventurers
- Dorn exchanges his shares of profit for in house supplies required for travel
- Other financial business

Berserk Flagon “Keep it running Trust” [5000 gp invested]
(Resides here when not overlooking the Warehouse or a convey)

Other PC Houses
Free – Folk Companies (If he can find them)
House Fisk

Apparent Slavers, Current Slavers and Or high ranking members that have built there city of the Slave Trade cough Ahmiran cough
General Fanatic City-folk Politics

House Gali'on

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