House Summers

The Farrainian Noble House of Samuel Summers, a Wizard Explorer.


  • Samuel Summers (Head)


  • Manor in Farrain

A salary which covers the upkeep of the manor and the wages of the household staff


  • Captain of the Guard (Fighter 5)
  • 5 Household Guards (Fighter 4)
  • Butler (Rogue 5)

Not much is know about Samuel Summers, other than he recently arrived at the city from parts unknown, claiming to be investigating “The Incident” for personal reasons. He then proceeded to buy himself a noble title (through an extravagant gift to the city rulers) and now spends his spare time chasing down any information that he can get his hands on. When he’s not in someone library somewhere, he can often be seen wandering the city amusing himself and others with one illusion or another. Many people have say they’ve glimpsed a dragon with him, but such reports are unsubstantiated.

House Summers

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