Magic is a constant throughout the world and often it manifests randomly (or what mortals would see as random). Indeed, most magic users do not have a sound understanding of how magic works, but rather they understand how they themselves can use magic. Magic users typically demonstrate a magical aptitude before they begin their formal training (whether that training is their choice or forced upon them is another matter). .

A sorcerer might have sneezed in front of a candle and accidentally cast fireball.

A warlock may have just been doodling a design onto a page when the design was in fact the sigil to summon an Arch Fey.

A wizard may have picked up a seemingly indecipherable book in a junk store but when they flicked through the pages found out that they could read the incantation of a Fly spell.

A cleric may have only been a small child when they were able to miraculously heal their pet cat.

Because of the incredible power that magic holds and the typically very few people who have that power, many magic users are enslaved.

Magic Items

Magic items aren’t created, they’re born. The ability to create magic items has been lost to the ages. Magic weapons of old still exist in the most ancient of ruins beneath the sands or in the most secure vaults of the noble houses. These weapons are few. However new magical items are being born into this world through legendary acts: axes which strike down great Dragons soon burn with a never ending flame. The shield that saved its bearer from 1000 arrows now instinctively moves in front of deadly blows. The cloak warn by the assassin who stalked through the enemy’s camp to slay their general now conceals him in darkness.

While adventurers may discover magic items of legend, magic items will be born from the legends that they create.


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