The Nor’Lak’Tor Tribe is a very secluded and often whispered about people, it has been said that these folk were original proud sailors back in the green world. But when the seas dried out the sailors remained with their vessels.

Now how they adapted is where the Tavern yarns deviate. Some say that they study the changing land and wind and modified their beloved craft for the dune seas. Others say that they made a pact with a Seas gods, so that they can sail again. Then there are those so that occasionally crawl out of their bottle and they simply say magic users beware.

But speculation aside what is know is that the Nor’Lak’Torians have master dune sailing, and while there vessels may not be as grand of those once on the ocean, they are still a site to see. Able to outpacing most land conveys countless attempts have been made to learn their art. However wether from infiltrating, experimenting and torturing those in the know, the secrets of dune flight have taken to the grave.

The Nor’Lak’Tor are a united people but due to that nature of size, they are broken into a combinations of Fleets, and roam the land to what they have claimed their sea.

Port- to travel to the nearest settlement.
Dock- travelling stations/inns perched along common drift lines, travelling to a dock provides a chance to repair, restock and refresh.
Harbour- common name for a Nor’Lak’Tor Settlement often in a crescent formation, for their vessels to be stored.
Drift lines- Common travelling routes of Nor’Lak’Tor and other Free folk when sailing the dune sea.
Reefs- Shallow ground lightly dusted with sand, unfit for sailing for any medium to large vessel, (dingy are still prone but have a less likely chance) Patches are often refer as the shifting reefs [due to the ever changing winds]

Politics in the NLT tribe work off a simple chain of elected members to represent each party. Every member of rank is title to one “chip” to vote with.

Tier 1
Captains: Leader of a ship or party
Dockmaster: Leader of a Dock or supplies
Tier 2
Commodore: Leader of multiple captains
Quartermaster: Leader of a Harbour or chain of Docks
Tier 3
Admirals: Elected Leader of the clan.
Admirals Orders, the calling of a clan meeting
When a Orders is summoned, it is summoned by the winds, eight gliders take off in the direction of the cardinal points and bear with them black sails, when any member of the NLT see these sail, they understand that the call has been made and they must return to home. Once the gliders have travel 7 days in there set direction they make for a return. Once they arrive, the council is set in motion. It is an honour to bear the summoning call.

Possible change. Instead of 8 gliders all Nor’Lak’Tor Craft that have the Tempest Bond have their sails turned Black, and when faced in the direction of the council have the movement increased.
It could be whispers that the Tempest Enarch, has a table of shifting sands, and upon those sands are miniatures of every vessels under the Tempest Bond.

The Nor Lak Tor Secret
Anyone can build a N’L’T Craft, just ask about the last merchant that had more money than sense. And while yes outsiders can build the mighty vessels, only the dingy can work for them, and even then only upon a strong breeze. For there is one truth that only the N’L’T know for their beloved craft to sail they require, The Bond of a Tempest.

Main Point:
every ship is said to have a name and a personality, for the NLT this is actually true. Thanks to the Tempest Domain.

In practice the member of the Tempest/Storms (Tempest nature) creates a bond with the vessel, turning the vessel into a living entity. (Mechanic one spell slot forever taken as Bond)

The stronger the member was to the Tempest domain the greater the craft.
Once the bond has formed the vessel becomes alive, not sentient or obvious. But regardless there something there, for NLT it’s comforting, for Magic users it’s as if the ship knows yours presence. There have been cases of members of the tempest domain able to relate to the presence. But regardless the person who has undertaken the bond is often given the the role of navigator/1st mate or in small cases Captain.

When the Bond is created it can only be broken when either the ship heart is destroyed (beyond all possible repair) or the subject is dead. While NLT hold to Tempest Ideals and members of (INSERT GOD OF SEAS) and Tempest are respected.
There have been cases of unwilling bonding mostly reported from freed slaves (seeing it as a another version of prison), but after it takes place the reward of sudden freedom and respect earned, often overlooks this.

Out of practice there is another way that has been discovered, and while only used in the direst of times is has been know that spilling the blood of a magic user can also grant a similar effect, very inefficient but… it gets the job done.

Vessels Types

  • Two man craft, (Dingy)
    These vessels are the most common for the Nor’Lak’Tors geared for two members (can hold three if no gear is stowed) they consist of a pilot and a spotter. Due to limited materials it is possible for entire fleets to be made up of two man crafts. (No bond required)

Crew Vessel,
This class of Dune rider can often support a small crews or group, and while many designs have been tested there are two main forms.

  • The Outrigger - The outrigger is not as fast as the Glider but it is the most common vessel for small crews as it affords a greater “set-up” capabilities. Geared with ample storage facilities it can be used as a trading vessel, but due to its design it can also supports a fixed crossbow on its bow.
  • The Glider – unlike the Outrigger the Glider is built for speed, it has limited cargo capacity which makes it unsuited for Dune survival. The main role of the glider is to move in, give the message, supply or members and get out.

Clan Ships,
Very few only these vessels still exists in this harsh world but for those that do they are the pride and joy of the Nor’Lak’Tor. Serving as their flagship, the vessel is always surrounded by other crafts. And while they remain adrift among the deep dunes. If you can spy the Clan ships sails then it is already too late to run.


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