The Orikanu are one of the half-giant tribes that inhabit the mountains near Ahmiran. Like many tribes, they fled to these mountains when the current Ahmiran’s slaughtered their giant kin. The Orikanu travelled farther then most of the other tribes and as such have remained relatively undisturbed and hidden. The Orikanu are unique amongst the half-giant clans in that each individual family often has roughly a dozen children per generation. However most of these children perish during their pilgrimage.


The Orikanu strongly believe in survival of the fittest and pulling your weight. Children are put to work at the age of 8 and anybody who is unable to contribute to the clan is exiled. Children live with their parents until they return from their pilgrimage. At that point they are expected to construct their own home in a fashion of their own choosing. When an Orikanu’s home is vacated, due to death or marriage, the clan joins together to de-construct the home and recycle its materials.

Due to a lack of farming land, the Orikanu are primarily hunter-gatherers. Their isolation and clan loyalty has prevented them from becoming cannibalistic but if other humanoids lived nearby they probably would become so. As new materials (except stone) and life essentials are hard to come by, the Orikanu recycle as much as they can and detest waste.



The Pilgrimage is undertaken by each member of the Orikanu when they turn 18. They must leave the mountains and remain in the lowlands for at least 3 years. During this time, they must obtain a “gift” of practical worth to the clan (knowledge, metal, etc). They cannot return until they have done so and may be sent back if their gift is not deemed worthwhile (although this is very rare).

The Three Trials

The Three Trials are used to challenge the current tribal warden (the leader) for his or her position. The Trials are given by the Orikanu elders and test the challengers strength, endurance, and cleverness. The Trials vary but most often consist of a wrestling contest, being exposed to the elements for days, and a puzzle of some sort.

The Final Gift

The Final Gift is only given by elders and is considered the height of achievement amongst the Orikanu. Once an elder’s mind or body begins to fail, they venture into the more dangerous regions of the mountains to fight monsters until they die. This way they help to keep the tribe safe while dying honourably.


The Orikanu do not consider themselves superior to other tribes or races in the same way that they don’t consider a chair superior to an apple. They do not properly understand city dwellers and their lack of cooperation. However, the Orikanu greatly respect the Freefolk and consider their lifestyles similar. The concept of raiding seems natural and acceptable to the Orikanu but the concept of slavery is considered vile. The Orikanu are highly secretive about the location of their home and as such often change the subject or flat out to refuse to speak when it is brought up by outsiders.



The Orikanu do not hold a grudge against Ahmiran as the murder of the giants fits into the Orikanu concept of survival of the fittest. Instead they give the Ahmiran’s a begrudging respect and a wary eye.


Farrain is often where the Orikanu find their pilgrimage gift. The ruins and cultural diversity allow an Orikanu the opportunity to find treasures or develop useful skills.

Kalach Mor

The Orikanu dislike Kalach Mor due to its low ceilings and reliance on technology. They usually avoid it.


Only the most bold and daring of the Orikanu dare to visit Kardakeep. The long journey and natural defences make it a forbidding place but occasionally the lure of rare metals is too tempting.

The Scarlet Enclave and The Keepers of Dark Knowledge

The Orikanu pay little attention to rumours and myths and as such ignore these factions.

The Freefolk

The Orikanu respect the Freefolk and often temporarily join the tribes during their pilgrimage.


The Orikanu despise slavers and consider the practice vile. Meetings of the two are violent.


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