The City States



Kalach Mor


The Freefolk

Also known as ‘raiders’ and ‘savages’, the Freefolk are a loose confederation of nomadic tribes and wanderers who for one reason or another refused to live within the sprawling city-states. Some tribes are the descendants of criminals who were exiled from their homes, some are former villagers who were forced from their homes due to dwindling supplies and some are simply those who have a strong affinity to nature, like the elves, who could not stand living in a walled, urban environment.

The Freefolk tribes are as numerous as they are varied and, to the commoner, they are all alike. Legends to abound though, of a reclusive tribe of Halflings who are truly savage and even cannibalistic..


Dead Trees
Sand Devils

The Scarlet Enclave

A secret society of nobles that are rumoured to be the real rulers behind the city-states, subtly shaping events in accordance with their grand plan. Surely they are just a rumour….

The Arcane Underground

A secret organisation of freed and escaped mage-slaves. The Arcane Underground use their powers to work towards the advancement of mage-rights and put an end to the enslavement of their kind. Rumours suggest that they are plotting to overthrow one of the city states…

The Slavers

Hired thugs and mercenary armies, the slave trade has shown to be very lucrative and many prominent slaver captains could easily be mistaken for kings. In the city-states, slaving is seen as a fairly reasonable profession which pays well and offers job security. However slavers found by the Freefolk are scalped on sight.

The Keepers of Dark Knowledge

More a myth than anything else, The Keepers of Dark Knowledge are supposedly an organisation of mystics who collect dark artifacts of a terrible nature. The murder and looting of several noble households has been unofficially attributed to this shadowy organisation. However no one really knows if they truly exist or whether they are collecting these artifacts for good, or ill.


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